Today I was watching the 2nd in the series of 18 ideas that will shape 2012  from TED ( Technology, Entertainment end Design) via The Huffington Post. The 18 day countdown is a selection of 18, out of the many wonderful, interesting talks that TED is known to produce. Today’s talk was entitled, “Kathryn Schulz On Regret”. This talk affected but I don’t know how… yet. I don’t often admit when something has impacted me – but it did…

If I were to give you a peek into the type of person I am, you would see a person who believes in learning from other people’s mistake instead of taking on risks of his own. I developed this way of being by watching people around me consistently f*#k up. I decided from a very early age that I will not be a f*#k up. So I just watched and learn and mimicked. I took the things that I thought would make me stronger and rejected things that I blamed for my unfortunate circumstance; but now I am tired of being afraid – I want to live and do so without fear. I want to take control of my very own puppet and ignore/drown my fears… I want to render my life according the parameters I have set for my myself. The only question is… how?

By the way, I just remember  a quote that I sometimes include in my emails. It goes like this “Don’t forget to live.” I remember the first time I wrote it down. I was in college and had no social life and I had seen the movie “Day After Tomorrow” – I love apocalyptic Movies. Every one was studying for exams, except me. At the time, I wrote it to remind the people around me, that having a social life, or more importantly, having a relationship with people… was far more important  than any exam. The irony in that was, I always thought that this quote was me reminding people in my circle, to live and to value the relationships that they have or will have. Now that I think about it, I think it was my very own unconscious mind reminding me of the fact….

Anyway, here is the introduction to the 18 day countdown. I recommend reading it as it was co-written by one of the people I truly admire most – Arianna Huffington.


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