Todd English Cooks – GQ at Park & Bond Popup

Park & Bond hosted a live demo cooking session with everybody’s favorite chef, Todd English this Thursday in the Meatpacking. I had the privileged of witnessing first hand how to prepare raw seafood and also learn, for the first time, the answer to the one question that has been haunting me since I came to the U.S, “Where do scallops come from?” It was indeed an enlightening discovery, which had everyone around me laughing with me as I breathed the word, “That’s a scallop, no wonder no one knows their true form”.

All in all, the event was fun and the turn out was rather good. The staff  who worked the event, were some of the nicest individuals I have  met in a long time. You would think the Gilt Group cultivated them genetically and in the process, removed all the New York “Attitude” from them.

At the end of the demo, everyone received a copy of Todd’s book “Cooking in Everyday English: The ABCs of Great Flavor at Home”, which can be found here if you are interested. And just in case you are wondering, Todd English is a fine fellow who seems, genuinely, to be a nice guy.

Here are some photos I took at the event:

By the way, I think I may take up the challenge of trying out a few recipes from the book and blog about it… sort of like that movie Julie and Julia. Let’s see if I have the motivation.


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