Wishing You A Magical Christmas

Bhamgal Photo

The Feeling

Christmas time is one of the best times of the year. My favorite carols (I find it hard to say I have only one favorite) are “Holy Night”, “The First Noel” and “White Christmas”. Believe it or not, my childhood memories of Christmas had nothing to do with snow because I grew up in the tropics. Yet, I loved to sing along to “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” but it was never really about the snow, in fact I never understood what it meant. I just knew I felt warm, fuzzy, happy and gullible inside, especially after watching “Miracle on 34th Street” and seeing the magic of simply believing; I would want to help everyone in sight, not because I was  guaranteed a nice treat afterwards, but because I wanted to make up for being naughty.

The Magic

My point is… whatever you are, wherever you are… it is important to be nice, at least for a day. Do a good deed – just give something – it doesn’t matter if you are going to do it Savana Smith Phot for a treat or because you want to make up for being naughty… just perform a good deed and be genuine about  it. Be someone’s Santa and give the gift of a good deed. This is the one gift that will also give back – trust me.


Do remember to hug your loved ones – make sure you remember the less fortunate, for not all will be happy on this Merry Day; please remember at least to pray for them.

Merry Christmas to you… never loose that child in you, who always believes.


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