Marc Jacobs Or Ted Baker??

Marc Jacobs Or Ted Baker

Marc Jacobs Or Ted Baker

I’ve been shopping around for a bag that is both work appropriate and can also be used in my daily life. The other criteria were for it to be modern with a bit of defiance. I think I have found two but now I can’t choose one over the other, which is why I am entrusting you to help me do so.
… So which will it be, Marc or Ted?

Marc Jacobs

Ted Baker



  1. thenorwegiannewyorker says:

    Reblogged this on The Norwegian New Yorker and commented:
    Marc Jacobs or Ted Baker? My boyfriend can’t make up his mind about which (man) bag to keep, and is leaving the choice up to.

  2. Both are nice, but I would rather go for the Thed Baker 🙂 Good luck!

  3. Hmm, first I thought it would be for you, but as a man bag I really like the Marc Jacobs.

  4. Ted baker😍


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