Monday, I hate you

It is Sunday night and for some strange reason I dread Tomorrow… Why? because it is the start of a work week. For me this means 4 hour sleep nights and unfulfilled tasks that keep piling up that I have yet to get through because when the solar system formed it only gave the earth 24 hours rotate on its axis. I feel like I am moving through this life looking
backwards all the time. #**%*#^%*#%#*%# … All I have is frustration and no solution so if you are looking for answers you will have to look somewhere else, but if you share my gripe and want to vent then rant all you want in the comment section below. Anyway, have a good night and try to find some comfort in knowing that you and I have the power to do something about it … when we decide enough is enough.

Oh by the way… Lets have a laugh on Monday> – Read this funny post


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