Sacred Sundays


Out of all the days of the week, Sunday is usually the most relaxing day. wouldn’t you agree? Sundays are just simpler. When I wake up I don’t even scan my brain for a laundry list of things to do. No sir; I just mellow out and do the most comforting thing I can think of. Today, it was latte + crepe and some light reading in the park.

You know how you have those people who like to make big plans for the weekend? Well that’s not me. If you happen to call my phone on Sunday and I’m in the middle of chillaxing, chances are, you’ll be chatting to my mailbox….unless the caller is truly worth talking to.

Sundays are sacred. They’ve been that way for as far back as I remember growing up in Jamaica and I think they’ll remain that way for a long time. So in closing, check out my list of what Sundays are are for 🙂

What Sundays Are For

1. Lounging
2. Reading
3. Reflecting
4. Nothing
5. Forgetting
6. Learning something new
7. Making yourself better than you were the week before
8. Dreaming
9. Eating good food
10. Coming clean to urself
11. Cleansing your spirit.
12. Healing
13. Being truly kind to your body by eating right for once



  1. Love the Photo!

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